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We are online notaries. We work hard to keep people and business moving forward around the globe.

We are, by definition, public servants. As public servants, we take pride in the role we play in serving you online.

We take pride in helping to safeguard the public and prevent fraud.

When you need a Texas notary, we're here for you.




Texas approved remote online notarization in 2019. As long as the notary public is physically located and commissioned in Texas, the signers can be located anywhere in the world. 



We work with title companies frequently. The most common orders are sellers' packages and Powers of Attorney. We also see a variety of deeds and T-47 survey affidavits.

We know title companies have unique needs. Our notaries are registered with Pavaso, Qualia, Nexsys, OneNotary, and others. If you have an order you would like completed on a particular platform that your underwriter has already approved, send us a message with the details using the Contact Us form. We will be happy to provide a professional remote online notary to perform the online notarization on one of these platforms.

Once you submit the details of the order, will respond quickly and do our absolute best to meet your needs.

Texas escrow officers are our most frequent customers. California is a close second. Yes, RON deeds can be recorded in California. If you are a CA escrow officer, feel free to reach out with questions. We can help you close overseas clients quickly and smoothly.


We are here to help you keep your clients moving forward.

Whether it's a simple affidavit, waiver, or attestation, we can notarize it online. 

You can either share our website with your clients and invite them to book the most convenient day & time for them, or you can book on behalf of your client. Just make sure to enter their email and not your own when you book for a client. 

Include in the appointment booking Notes who is responsible for the charges. If nothing is noted in the appointment Notes, the client will automatically be asked to enter credit card information prior to the online session starting.

If the attorney will be handling the charges for the session, enter these details in the Notes section of the booking calendar. We'll take it from there -- your client will not be asked to enter credit card details.

Enter the following in the Notes section:
Firm name
Attorney name
Attorney email address
phone number
physical mailing/billing address will send an invoice via email after the close of the successful online session.

If the session is unsuccessful for any reason, there is no charge to you nor your client.

If you need a Certificate of Authenticity* to couple with a deed for recording, we can provide one for $5. Please anticipate a turnaround time of 3 to 5 days on Certificates of Authenticity.

*Declaration that is to be attached to a printed paper copy of an electronic  record that is to be recorded in the real property records on the county level pursuant to Sec. 12.0013, Texas Property Code.

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